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Drawing the Lining Livermore font

Deep in the recesses of the back room of the Shakespeare Press Museum at California Polytechnic State University is a cabinet. It contains about 20 drawers of hand-set metal type. We never use this type because it is difficult to … Continue reading

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The birth of Bauschrift

I went on a journey last week to buy some foam-core board. En route, I saw a handsome metal sign at the Technische Universität München. In English, this translates (roughly) to: MATERIAL TESTINGOFFICE FOR CONSTRUCTIONFACULTY CHAIRLARGE SCALE CONSTRUCTION The sign … Continue reading

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Crafting a graph in Adobe Illustrator CC

The Graph tool in Adobe Illustrator has been around a long time, and has not been improved much since it was first released. It’s a strange tool because it is capable of generating some lovely visual information, but it’s frustrating … Continue reading

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Illustrator’s new pencil tool

I wrote a few days back about using the new Corners tool in Illustrator, which is delightful. I draw a lot in Illustrator, and I enjoy this new feature because it allows each corner in a polygon to have a … Continue reading

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Studying Illustrator’s new corners tool with Chinese food

Everyone loves Chinese food, especially take-out, where you can carry it home, and eat it around the table while chatting with friends and family. I brought some home the other evening, and while slurping on some soup, I started studying … Continue reading

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