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The brave and short life of Daniel Coudray

Daniel Coudray and his sister Celine at their sister Patrice’s wedding in January. Like his father Mark, Daniel Coudray was an Eagle Scout, and like his father, Daniel was a high-achiever. Young Daniel graduated from Mission College Prep in San … Continue reading

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My father’s Golden Gate Bridge photos – 75 years later

My father, Russell Lawler, was born in San Francisco on November 18, 1905. It’s easy for me to remember this because it was six months to the day before the devastating earthquake and fire that struck the city. This is … Continue reading

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I’m SLO at some things (another GigaPan story)

It took me five days to squeeze the last GigaPan image into my schedule. I had classes to teach, meetings to attend, a midterm exam to write, a rehearsal with my choral group, and a meeting of the San Luis … Continue reading

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Gigapan and the billion-byte work flow

Since I figured out how to use the Gigapan device I have been running full-speed making photos with hundreds of component images, and then stitching them into gigabyte-size panoramas. Yesterday morning I climbed above Morro Rock in Morro Bay, California, … Continue reading

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Gigapan Week One – plus two days

I extended the rental period of the Gigapan unit to give myself a couple more days with the device. It was also overcast for two days this week, and not particularly photogenic (and then there was the trip to San … Continue reading

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I was driving at about 60 mph on Highway 101 south of Salinas, California today, when I saw what appeared to be a Linotype keyboard in my rear-view mirror. Yes, it was a Linotype keyboard! attached to the rest of … Continue reading

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My week with the Gigapan, schlepping

I’ve been schlepping my big video tripod (25 lbs.) up and down mountains this weekend, carrying the Gigapan Epic Pro mount (about 5 lbs.), and also carrying my camera bag (13 lbs.) which has my camera and lenses and an … Continue reading

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