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Photographing the portrait-in-stone

In April, my students and I visited the Landesamt für Digitalisierung Breitband und Vermessung in Munich (Read that story here). In English, this is the state office of digitization, broadband and surveying. Among the things they do is to manage … Continue reading

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250,000 readers as of this morning!

This morning, almost exactly six years after my first blog on the Blognosticator, the site has received its 250,000th visitor. Thank you! I began writing blogs for Graphic Arts Monthly magazine in 2008, and the blog grew at that publication … Continue reading

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Bavaria has castles! I have photos.

In my home county in California we have a famous castle, one built by newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst in the early 20th century. Called Hearst Castle, it is a tourist mecca, visited annually by several million people. The castle … Continue reading

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Digital panoramic photography

This is part four of my series on panoramic photography and cameras. In the first episode I wrote about rotating panoramic cameras that used rolls of film. As the camera turns, the film rolls past a vertical slit aperture in … Continue reading

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Papierherstellung in Deutschland

On Thursday we took a tour of the Gmund Paper factory in Gmund, about one hour south of Munich. Gmund is the maker of some of the finest papers in the world. In their shipping area I saw pallets marked … Continue reading

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Unwrapping the light fantastic

Part 3 in a series on panoramic and slit-scan photography In my recent blogs I have discussed how a mechanical panoramic camera works, and how a photo-finish camera works. Today I would like to turn the tables, so to speak, … Continue reading

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