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Quicken 2015 for Mac can no longer pay bills

I have been a Quicken user since 1987 – 27 years. Quicken allows me to keep track of income and expenses, and it has, until now, allowed me to pay any bill to any vendor online. The convenience of this … Continue reading

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CNC router owners: meet the quoin

For centuries printers have been locking-up type inside a frame called a chase, then putting the chase into a printing press to complete letterpress printing projects. The method for doing the lock-up was originally done with wooden wedges which were … Continue reading

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More in my GREPping drama

In past blogs I have expressed my love for the GREP functions in InDesign. GREP is not only functional, but for me it’s a lot of fun. I enjoy working with strings of text, manipulating things en masse to cause changes … Continue reading

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