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Linotype: The Film

We showed the film: Linotype: The Movie last week at Cal Poly. The movie was great! We had about 100 people in attendance, including John Werner, who was once the director of typography for the New York Times. He made … Continue reading

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11.73 Terabytes of storage at my fingertips

I want to be able to store my entire archive on one hard drive so that I can have instantaneous access to all of my files. As I mentioned in my last blog, I decided to build my own NAS … Continue reading

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Optical discs fail, forcing me to move back to hard drives

For years I have been making writable DVDs as archives for my files. I compile a selection of about 4GB of material in a folder, and when it’s reached that size, I write a DVD. Then I catalog that DVD … Continue reading

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Really Right solutions to my tripod problem

I have written about my mountain-top GigaPan photos in recent months. The results have been spectacular, and I am very pleased with the photos. Carrying the equipment to the mountain tops has been my problem. The tripod I have been … Continue reading

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Fonts were not always universal

We are now into the second generation of young people who have no memory of a time before PostScript and PDF, people who were not adults when we had competing font formats. I put this era into the bigger era … Continue reading

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