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GREP was staring me in the eye

I was sitting here looking at the search string I posted in yesterday’s blog, and realized that the solution to my problem was staring me in the eye. The string I posted yesterday was for forcing ALL CAPS into lower-case. … Continue reading

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More on my obsession with GREP

In a blog post a few days back, I was confounded by the problem of converting ALL CAPS into lower case letters. Using a Javascript that I licensed from a Danish programmer, I was able to make the case change, … Continue reading

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InDesign CS5.5 – Upgrade or downgrade?

I upgraded to Creative Suite 5.5 in the fall, and was disappointed in Adobe for charging for a full upgrade when they hadn’t really upgraded any of the applications except InDesign. I needed to make the upgrade in order to … Continue reading

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Another GREPping story

For those stalwart folks who follow this blog, you know that I am a GREP enthusiast. I use it as often as possible; I treat it as mental calisthenics; I look for opportunities to GREP my way out of every … Continue reading

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Father-son bonding experience, part III

I’ve been back from the Bosque del Apache and the Very Large Array for ten days now, and (other than the temperature) I miss it. The Bosque is a magical place, with photo opportunities galore. Bird watchers take flight in … Continue reading

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