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The Microsoft conundrum

On the announcement last week of Steve Ballmer’s pending retirement, Microsoft’s stock shot up seven points as investors cheered for the future of the company without him. On NPR’s Marketplace they played recordings of Ballmer shouting “DEE-VEL-OH-PERS!” over and over … Continue reading

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Multiple displays save many dollars in production

I work at a Macintosh computer with two 24-inch Apple Cinema Displays in front of me. It looks like the console of an air traffic controller. The two displays give me 39 inches (measured) of horizontal view, and just about … Continue reading

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Drawing a Coleman Lantern with Illustrator’s 3D tools

In my last blog about the failure of my Cinema Display, I included a detailed illustration of a Coleman lantern. This was dredged entirely from memory, and included as an after-note in an illustration of a heliograph that I built … Continue reading

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U-U-U means S-O-S for my Cinema Display

I was a ham radio operator as a teenager, a hobby I did not pursue after high school. I was involved in too many activities to keep it going – scouts, college, girls, travel, marriage, being a parent, owning a … Continue reading

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