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The idea of a “mirrorless” camera – good and bad

I have a very nice Canon professional camera. I love it. But it’s really noisy when the shutter is activated. It makes a clop-snap sound that is sometimes unacceptable to the circumstances. When I was photographing the Festival Mozaic concerts … Continue reading

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The Blognosticator’s first anniversary

Today is the one-year anniversary of the Blognosticator-gone-private. I had been blogging for Graphic Arts Monthly for three years until their demise in the Spring of 2010, and then for What They Think until that fall and they could not … Continue reading

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Bridging generations (this time it’s the Bay Bridge)

The year 1933 must have been impressive for people living in and around San Francisco. The city is located on the north end of the San Francisco Peninsula, and in that era it was accessible by road only by driving … Continue reading

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In praise of Data Rescue

For the past twelve days I have been toting cameras around, shooting thousands of photos of musicians playing in concerts around our county. This is the time of the 42nd running of the musical bulls that we call Festival Mozaic. … Continue reading

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Why do people (people) put numbers (numbers) in parentheses?

(An interesting note: This has become the most-read blog I have posted. It is also the most-commented blog I have posted with 75 comments. Thousands of people have read it, and it has been the subject of searches tens of … Continue reading

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More Mysterious Forces at work: using Mac OS to repair corrupted JPEG and EPS files

In yesterday’s blog I revealed that I can “convert” PNG files to TIFF files just by changing their suffix in the operating system. In fact no conversion is taking place; the file name is being changed, and that’s it. Somehow … Continue reading

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Mysterious Forces in OSX appear to change file types (but can’t really)

Note to my kind readers (January, 2017): The mysterious forces described below no longer seem to work. I have experimented with this in recent months, and have had no luck in repairing JPEGs using this technique. But read on anyway! … Continue reading

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Image Processor – photo horsepower in a nearly unknown tool

Russell Brown, Senior Creative Director at Adobe Systems, created an application plug-in for Photoshop years ago with help from some of the programmers on the Photoshop team. It was first made available on Russell’s “off-campus” site as Russell Brown’s Image … Continue reading

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The first streamliner – photos from the family archive

On March 15, 1934, my father, Russell Lawler took three frames (that still exist) of the first streamlined railroad train in U.S. history. I found the negatives of these frames recently while going through some family memorabilia. I also found … Continue reading

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I have created a photo too large for Photoshop

For those who have been following my work to make ultra-high-resolution panoramic photos with the GigaPan robotic camera mount, I have finally triumphed! I made a panoramic image this last Saturday with 1515 contributing images. The resulting image is 384,728 … Continue reading

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