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I started writing The Blognosticator in July, 2011. At the time I was unable to acquire the domain blognosticator.com. That belonged to a nice woman who had bought it and was holding it, hoping that someone foolish enough to create … Continue reading

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Rack one up to success!

This is the third of a three-part post. To read the first part, please click here. To read the second part, please click here. I finished the bike rack clamps yesterday. I drilled and tapped the holes that needed threading, … Continue reading

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Turning my new lathe into a really nice lathe

My plan was to write about some graphic arts subjects. I attended two terrific events related to printing recently, and I will write about my experiences – soon. But instead, I want to write about my new lathe. I have … Continue reading

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Thank you to my readers!

The Blognosticator will reach 450,000 all-time readers tonight. That’s pretty cool. I started writing this blog on July 26, 2011, after writing for a while on WhatTheyThink.com and for several years in Graphic Arts Monthly before that. Since “going private” … Continue reading

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Musings on pinhole photography

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that last week I returned from the 2023 Burning Man festival in northern Nevada. It was a terrific event, full of excitement and artistic energy – until it rained. Then it became … Continue reading

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Chair-man of the board

This is part 2 of a series on my new Adirondack chairs. Click here to read the first part. After a month in the kiln, I picked up my Monterey Cypress lumber at the mill in Paso Robles and drove … Continue reading

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Dancing in the laser light fantastic

This is part 2 of my article about building a fixed positioning laser on the CNC machine. To read the first part, click here. I had decided to make the final fixed laser with a bracket made of aluminum. In … Continue reading

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Affixing a laser to the CNC machine

My friend Bryn and I own a CNC router. We have had it for years, and it has undergone a couple of upgrades. It started life as a CNC Machine with a DeWalt router motor mounted on it, providing adequate, … Continue reading

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Pushing the limits of repositioned panoramic photography (updated) (three times)

In several previous articles I have written about the process of repositioned panoramic photography. It works best when there is no perspective – strictly two-dimensional subject matter. With my experiences with street art (see the most recent article here), this works perfectly. … Continue reading

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Running the Landa Nanopress

Part III [Part II] [Part I] After numerous visits to the printing plant where the Landa Nanopress is running, I have a pretty good idea of how that machine works. I am assisted by a very nice diagram on the … Continue reading

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