Lytro Camera, Day Three

I’m getting the feel of the Lytro now. It really cries out for photos that have extremes – something close, something far away, and something in the middle.

The Lytro camera in its box; it’s an elegant presentation.

The technique for making “Living Pictures” is to frame your image in the viewfinder (while the camera is set in “Creative” mode), and then tap the viewfinder in the middle of the image. Once you have done that, take the shot, and the camera will concentrate its efforts on the part of the image where you tapped.

I took the camera to a choral music concert yesterday, but I didn’t find any opportunities to take photos of value, so I just showed the camera to people and talked about it.

This photo of the Bananagrams tiles makes an excellent Lytro image. Click on the various tiles to change the focus.

This morning my wife and I engaged in a game of Bananagrams, which uses tiles with letters on them. This proved to be an excellent opportunity for a Lytro photo, so I took a few. The best are those with just a few letters in them, focussed primarily on the center tile.

This image is a slightly better image because of the proximity of the closest tile.

In about an hour we’re going out to Morro Bay for a walk along Morro Strand State Beach. I’ll have the Lytro with me for that walk, and I will attempt to take photos that are Lytro-esque. If I make any great images I will post them here.


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