GREP was staring me in the eye

I was sitting here looking at the search string I posted in yesterday’s blog, and realized that the solution to my problem was staring me in the eye.

The string I posted yesterday was for forcing ALL CAPS into lower-case. It was a solution that included not converting Roman Numerals. I don’t really need the Roman Numerals feature, I just need the ability to change normal strings of capitalized text into lower-case, and I don’t want my search string to include articles like A and I. Compound-words, words followed by periods, commas, hyphens, semicolons, and colons also need to be converted.

The secret is in the braces part of the string: {2,} which translates into find at least two capital letters. That solves the problem if I tag it on the end of a search string that searches for the capital letters of the alphabet [A-Z].

The search string that solves my problem is:

This, combined with the Javascript I licensed a couple of weeks back, provides a solution that I like. I can now stop obsessing over this particular GREPping drama.


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Brian Lawler is an Emeritus Professor of Graphic Communication at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and was a Guest Professor at Hochschule München from September, 2021 to September, 2022. He writes about graphic arts processes and technologies for various industry publications, and on his blog, The Blognosticator.
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