A grateful message to all of you

The Blognosticator in Munich

This is my occasional update on traffic to The Blognosticator with statistics and commentary on my art of blogging.

…as of 26 October 2021. Thank you!

In an era when podcasters are doing fabulously, I have to face facts: I am a print guy. I tried video, and I did pretty well with it, but I don’t think in moving terms, instead preferring still photos and words that stay fixed on a page. I guess that describes my blog.

I started writing blogs here ten years ago in July. Prior to that I had a regular assignment with Graphic Arts Monthly magazine to write a minimum of four blogs every month. That publication went out of business in 2010, and they were kind enough to return the copyright of my work to me with no restrictions. I was free to republish any or all of my work there.

I did repurpose a few of those early blogs, but I found that most had lost their timeliness.

So I started writing fresh material on July 26, 2011 here.

In the ten years since then I have written 289 blog posts, and have received 589 comments on the posts.

In addition to the legitimate comments, I have received over 900,000 spam comments – attempts by spammers to infiltrate and hack my blog. These spam comments have been successfully filtered out by software called Akismet. I pay $100 per year for their service, and it is flawless. It searches all incoming comments and quarantines/deletes anything suspicious.

I take breaks from my blog, something experts say I should never do, but I am busier now than I have been in recent months and years, so I don’t sit down to write blogs very often.

Despite those breaks, I keep writing, and over 400,000 visitors have come to The Blognosticator to read my musings about printing, photography, word puzzles, cameras, graffiti, and more.

I am humbled by your continued support. Thank you.

About Brian Lawler

Brian Lawler is an Emeritus Professor of Graphic Communication at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and was a Guest Professor at Hochschule München from September, 2021 to September, 2022. He writes about graphic arts processes and technologies for various industry publications, and on his blog, The Blognosticator.
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