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The most exciting thing I saw at GraphExpo 2014

I troll the hallways at GraphExpo, looking at the many booths showing exciting technologies to potential customers. There are people selling software, hardware, firmware, middleware, and usually – pretzels. This year there was no pretzel vendor, nor an ice cream … Continue reading

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Making things I designed in Illustrator – CNC routing

In previous blogs I have described how I have designed things in Illustrator, then built them out of wood in my shop. The shop in question is located in my friend Jim’s barn. We consolidated shops in 2005 when I … Continue reading

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Pencil for Paper by 53

It’s a stylus with a rubber tip on both ends. It works with the Paper app on iPads. I absolutely love Paper, the app by 53. I have been using it for well over a year on my iPad, and … Continue reading

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A do-it-myself take-up reel for a wide-format Epson printer

I’ve mentioned in a few of my recent blogs that I am preparing a photographic exhibition at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art that opens on February 14, 2014. I’m in the thick of preparation now, making prints, mounting … Continue reading

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The Boy Mechanic rides a Faraday bike

As a kid I read The Boy Mechanic cover to cover many times, so many, in fact, that it’s almost worn out, as you can see in the photo, below: This is my tattered copy of The Boy Mechanic, published … Continue reading

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Digital ICE, revisited

I’ve been scanning a lot of old transparencies this week. The majority of those are 35mm Ektachrome, or equivalent, transparencies. Some are Kodachrome transparencies. Some are really dirty. And, for those I am implementing Digital ICE, the technology that was … Continue reading

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