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The business of graphic arts

Taking a nuclear plant tour (and how it relates to scanning historic film)

Last Friday I was privileged to be taken on a tour of San Luis Obispo County’s nuclear power plant. This tour was arranged by the local Chamber of Commerce leadership training group, and I was included by being related to … Continue reading

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The Microsoft conundrum

On the announcement last week of Steve Ballmer’s pending retirement, Microsoft’s stock shot up seven points as investors cheered for the future of the company without him. On NPR’s Marketplace they played recordings of Ballmer shouting “DEE-VEL-OH-PERS!” over and over … Continue reading

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Here’s a worthwhile job for the NSA

Missing from most of the journalistic free-for-all that has been aimed at the NSA recently is any discussion as to what spy organizations should be doing as compared to what they are doing while intercepting our electronic communications. Economic crime … Continue reading

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EyeFi changes everything!

Last year I wrote about using the iPad as an instantaneous proofing device when shooting digital portraits. It turned out to be the most popular blog I have ever written. Months later, I still get many hits a day on … Continue reading

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The largest machines in the world

Yesyerday morning a group of TAGA participants visited the Longview, Washington, paper-making plant of NORPAC. This is the largest paper-making facility in North America. Inside its massive buildings are three of the largest machines on Earth. These machines are for … Continue reading

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11.73 Terabytes of storage at my fingertips

I want to be able to store my entire archive on one hard drive so that I can have instantaneous access to all of my files. As I mentioned in my last blog, I decided to build my own NAS … Continue reading

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A not very brave new world of storage

I just bought a pair of 4TB drives. I installed them in a LaCie RAID drive enclosure to make a single 8TB drive that will become my Time Machine back-up drive. Until I run out of space again. I know … Continue reading

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Musings about GraphExpo – the quiet show

My annual GraphExpo journey was, as always, fascinating. GraphExpo, and its companion show, Print, are the big shows for the printing industry in North America. I have been going since the 1970s, and it has been a wild ride for … Continue reading

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A new ink-jet news press debuts in Chicago

In the Four Seasons hotel in Chicago last night I attended an interesting panel discussion on ink-jet printing of newspapers. The event was hosted by Cabot, an international manufacturer of the components of ink. They make, among other things, carbon … Continue reading

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Meadows Software releases a clever QR Code generator for Adobe InDesign

Variable-data software publisher Meadows Publishing Solutions has developed a new plug-in for Adobe InDesign that makes QR codes inside any text box in that application. The product can make three different types of bar codes: QR, Data Matrix and PDF … Continue reading

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