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300,000 readers!

Greetings, good souls, In late August of this year The Blognosticator reached and exceeded 300,000 readers. I was not tracking it closely at the time, being caught-up in beginning of the school year activities, but it happened, and now that … Continue reading

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Getting the Typographic Tremors
reading historic roadside signs

I just returned from a 2,018-mile journey up the coast of California, into Oregon, then back by a slightly different route. Along the way I visited and camped in National Parks, State Parks, National Forests, and private campgrounds. Along the … Continue reading

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Thanks to my readers, all 200,000 of you!

Five years ago I launched The Blognosticator on this site after it spent some time at What They Think, and several years on Graphic Arts Monthly magazine’s site. Today my readership passed 200,000. I have posted 220 blog articles on … Continue reading

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Machine carving and old style gilding on a deadline

At Cal Poly we recently dedicated the Raymond J. Prince Shakespeare Press Museum Resource Room. It’s a library of printing-related books and magazines, and it’s a study room for our students with desks, computers, a scanner, and comfy chairs. The … Continue reading

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EyeFi changes everything!

Last year I wrote about using the iPad as an instantaneous proofing device when shooting digital portraits. It turned out to be the most popular blog I have ever written. Months later, I still get many hits a day on … Continue reading

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My visit to GigaHQ

Last Friday I ventured out into the world and visited the headquarters of GigaPan, the maker of the motorized camera mount that I have been using for a half-year. GigaPan is based in Portland, Oregon. At the GigaPan HQ are … Continue reading

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The largest machines in the world

Yesyerday morning a group of TAGA participants visited the Longview, Washington, paper-making plant of NORPAC. This is the largest paper-making facility in North America. Inside its massive buildings are three of the largest machines on Earth. These machines are for … Continue reading

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French TAGA chapter captures the Kipphan Trophy

This year’s TAGA Conference featured something completely new: the French student chapter from Grenoble won first prize in the TAGA scientific journal competition. This is the first time a student chapter outside North America has captured the prize. The students … Continue reading

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Linotype: The Film

We showed the film: Linotype: The Movie last week at Cal Poly. The movie was great! We had about 100 people in attendance, including John Werner, who was once the director of typography for the New York Times. He made … Continue reading

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