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250,000 readers as of this morning!

This morning, almost exactly six years after my first blog on the Blognosticator, the site has received its 250,000th visitor. Thank you! I began writing blogs for Graphic Arts Monthly magazine in 2008, and the blog grew at that publication … Continue reading

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Unwrapping the light fantastic

Part 3 in a series on panoramic and slit-scan photography In my recent blogs I have discussed how a mechanical panoramic camera works, and how a photo-finish camera works. Today I would like to turn the tables, so to speak, … Continue reading

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Take the Ten Fonts Survey

Greetings, Blognosticator readers, I am launching a survey about popular type fonts. Here are the rules: You are stranded on a deserted island. You have with you a computer and the complete Adobe Creative Suite (not the Creative Cloud, as … Continue reading

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Calibrating the iPhone with i1 Display Pro

I see iPhones being used for all sorts of “professional” applications including video capture, and now that the phone sports a 12Mp camera, graphic arts quality photography. No excuses professional photography. Several years ago I was made aware of a … Continue reading

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ePubs – under the hood

I’ve been making ePubs for several years, and I have taught courses on ePubs at GraphExpo and at Cal Poly, where I am employed as a professor. For the first few years I was very grumpy about ePubs, as they … Continue reading

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Upgrade adventures – a sleek new Mac Pro

A few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and get a new computer. I have been using an aluminum Mac Pro tower for many years (I have had two of them). The current machine has eight cores, and … Continue reading

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100,000 Readers! Thank you

It’s actually 101,759 readers. What started three and a half years ago on July 26, 2011 has now reached a major milestone in blogging for the graphic arts. The Blognosticator has reached and exceed the 100,000 reader mark. I started … Continue reading

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Another Blognosticator milestone

Greetings, dear readers, With your continued interest, The Blognosticator has now passed the 90,000 reader mark. The blog is read by more than 200 people every day, and it continues to grow at an impressive rate. So, please keep those cards … Continue reading

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I can stop griping now – Adobe has finally fixed Photoshop!

For eight years I have been complaining loudly (the blogger’s “pen” is mightier than the sword, but much slower) about the “feature” in Adobe Photoshop that causes your type to be erased – without an undo that will replace it … Continue reading

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Vacation for the Blognosticator

I finished ten weeks of teaching summer quarter on Wednesday, I turned in my grades on Thursday, and on Friday at the crack of dawn my wife and I headed up California’s Highway 101 to the Bay Area, and then … Continue reading

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