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Time-lapse project, part III: a new circuit board

My time-lapse camera has been running now for 25 days. It snaps a photo of Bishop Peak (elev. 1559 ft.) every five minutes. I have over 2,300 photos so far. This is a sample of the photos being taken by … Continue reading

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365 days taking photos of a mountain

On Thursday morning this week I set up my time-lapse camera on the roof of the Kennedy Library at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. It’s facing almost due-west toward a mountain named Bishop Peak, which stands over the city of … Continue reading

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My mission to Mars, continued

In a blog I posted last year, I described how I developed a series of AppleScripts to control Adobe Photoshop to crop, then increase the canvas size, then draw crop marks on a series of image parts to make a … Continue reading

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Shooting 100 60MB photos every second
with the Red Dragon

For years I have been following the development of the digital video company called Red. They made news first at the National Association of Broadcasters event in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2006. At that show they introduced the world to … Continue reading

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Upgrade adventures – a sleek new Mac Pro

A few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and get a new computer. I have been using an aluminum Mac Pro tower for many years (I have had two of them). The current machine has eight cores, and … Continue reading

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The most exciting thing I saw at GraphExpo 2014

I troll the hallways at GraphExpo, looking at the many booths showing exciting technologies to potential customers. There are people selling software, hardware, firmware, middleware, and usually – pretzels. This year there was no pretzel vendor, nor an ice cream … Continue reading

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Making things I designed in Illustrator – CNC routing

In previous blogs I have described how I have designed things in Illustrator, then built them out of wood in my shop. The shop in question is located in my friend Jim’s barn. We consolidated shops in 2005 when I … Continue reading

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My solar system goes live

As you might have read in my earlier blogs on the subject, I installed solar panels on my roof in the fall, finishing in late November. I bought the panels, racking and hardware and did the rooftop installation myself. This … Continue reading

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SLO PANO opens tomorrow

I’m slowly recovering from my bicycle mishap with a pick-up truck. I go to physical therapy three days each week, and I have graduated from a walker to crutches. Here is the latest on my work to open a panoramic … Continue reading

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New Shaping Tool in Illustrator

I’m on a roll here with the three newly improved tools in Adobe Illustrator. I like them all. The last of the three is the Shaping Tool, which I have always known as the Modify Anchor Point tool. It is … Continue reading

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