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Photographing the portrait-in-stone

  In April, my students and I visited the Landesamt für Digitalisierung Breitband und Vermessung in Munich (Read that story here). In English, this is the state office of digitization, broadband and surveying. Among the things they do is to … Continue reading

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The Rathaus GigaPan

I have a GigaPan device. It’s a computerized camera mount that moves a camera to take a photo, then moves the camera, and takes a photo, and continues doing that until a series of images are taken that complete a … Continue reading

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Learning letterpress in a 14th century town

One of the three classes I am teaching in Munich is Advanced Typography. The students are in their third year in the Print Media program at Munich University of Applied Sciences. Five of my students are exchange students from my … Continue reading

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Meet Lorem Ipsum

I’m not making this up. Three years ago I was looking at my roll sheet for my Introduction to Graphic Communication course at Cal Poly. About a third of the way down the list I stopped at the name Lauren … Continue reading

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My mission to Mars, continued

In a blog I posted last year, I described how I developed a series of AppleScripts to control Adobe Photoshop to crop, then increase the canvas size, then draw crop marks on a series of image parts to make a … Continue reading

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Our night on Mount Wilson
with a really big telephoto lens

On September 26, my wife and I joined a group from the local astronomical society on a field trip to Mount Wilson, just east of Pasadena, California, where we spent the entire night observing objects in the sky. My wife … Continue reading

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Danish designer’s logo makes a nice Chinese ideograph

While participating in the ICC Symposium in Hong Kong this week I had a chance to visit and tour the Hong Kong Design Institute, a public post-secondary institution devoted to graphic arts, graphic design, interior design and industrial design. The … Continue reading

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French TAGA chapter captures the Kipphan Trophy

This year’s TAGA Conference featured something completely new: the French student chapter from Grenoble won first prize in the TAGA scientific journal competition. This is the first time a student chapter outside North America has captured the prize. The students … Continue reading

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Bookbinding with needle and thread

I am teaching a class in book design and bookbinding this quarter. I have 30 students in the class; they are working on their manuscripts and will soon be working on their book blocks and book cases. This involves printing, … Continue reading

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I was driving at about 60 mph on Highway 101 south of Salinas, California today, when I saw what appeared to be a Linotype keyboard in my rear-view mirror. Yes, it was a Linotype keyboard! attached to the rest of … Continue reading

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