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Meet Lorem Ipsum

I’m not making this up. Three years ago I was looking at my roll sheet for my Introduction to Graphic Communication course at Cal Poly. About a third of the way down the list I stopped at the name Lauren … Continue reading

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Why do people (people) put numbers (numbers) in parentheses?

(An interesting note: This has become the most-read blog I have posted. It is also the most-commented blog I have posted with 75 comments. Thousands of people have read it, and it has been the subject of searches tens of … Continue reading

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Old School typing errors corrected with GREP

When I was 13, my dad forced me to take a business typing class during summer vacation. It was awful, except for the cute girls who were a bit older, and a lot more sophisticated than I was. The teacher … Continue reading

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Attention all alumni

While chatting with a fellow last night, I learned that he was “an alumni of Cal Poly.” The problem is that he’s not an alumni. He’s an alumnus. This is a problem word, one used almost universally incorrectly in our … Continue reading

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